Three-dimensional assembly

With the rapid development of technology and computer industry, Getai applies 3D model to optimize the generating unit, mainly including the reaction type turbine distributor and Pelton turbine nozzle etc. to ensure a successful installation in the new power plant.

In the case of power plant renovation, it is not only to provide a new practical structure but also necessary to match with the original interface, which bring a lot of difficulties to the design. After 3D design software applied, all components may be involved in the mechanism can be simulated assembled in accordance with the power plant actual situation to effectively prevent and solve the problems of the interference between components, and then through the motion simulation of the whole mechanism at a glance to help for the following machining and pre assembly in workshop.

Francis turbine distribution system.jpg

Francis turbine distributor.jpg

49  Pelton turbine nozzle assembly.jpg

48 Francis turbine assembly.jpg

Francis turbine assembly.jpg

51 Pelton turbine assembly.jpg

Tubular Turbine Assembly.jpg