Shanggou HHP

Shang Gou hydropower plant is located in the territory of Dunhua city, Jilin province, is a dam type power plant equipped with 4 sets of vertical Francis turbine generator units, the installed capacity is consisted of 2 units of 6300kW and 2 units of 1600kW, each unit has a separate water diversion system, the original runner models are HLD74-LJ-84 and HLA551-LJ-160, among them 2# of the small turbine units can only reach to 1500kW at the head of 37m, the upgrades target shall reach to 1600kW at 35m head along with turbine efficiency improvement.

The renovation started in 2015 with new runner model as HLGT155-LJ-84, the output even reached to 1700kW at 35m which go beyond of the expectation, the operation stability was greatly improved either.

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