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The Main Development History Of Water Wheel And Francis Turbine Design
Sep 26, 2017

The earliest record of the water wheel can be traced back to the ancient Greek period, in the next few centuries, the technology spread throughout the world. While the design process of the modern Francis Runner continued for about 1848. Despite the modern Francis Runner and James B. Francis had little similarity in the design of the original plow in 1828, but it was named Francis Turbine in 1920 to commemorate Francis's contribution to the analysis and design of water engineering. Modern mixed-flow turbines are currently the most widely used turbine design, especially for high-head and high flow conditions, the efficiency of up to 95% or more.

Stable, safe and full ", which is a common goal of hydropower units. It is also a powerful advantage of hydropower units - low cost and high efficiency. Most of China's hydropower stations are mixed-flow hydro-generators. Simple, the scope of application of a wide range of head, manufacturing technology is more mature, mixed-flow models have occupied the dominant position of the hydropower unit. Francis turbine has a strong vitality, but there are problems that can not be ignored, unit vibration and blade cracks is the current Francis turbine Stable operation of the focus.Especially some of the hydropower station turbine vibration and crack has seriously affected the unit's stable operation and economic benefits play.The stability of the turbine operation, especially the flow of the Francis turbine has become the discussion of the turbine industry hot topic.

Since the Francis turbine is a fixed-blade hydraulic machine, when the turbine is deviated from the optimal operating conditions, since the rotor outlet water flow has a rotational circumferential velocity, a large vacuum appears in the area near the tail pipe axis below the runner, When the vacuum reaches the fixed value after the cavitation cavitation cavities, the vortex is a spiral around the tail pipe axis of the unstable rotation, will cause the unit vibration, and the tail pipe has a considerable damage.