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The Crack Problem Of Francis Turbine Runner Is Expected To Be Solved
Jul 11, 2017

In view of the current domestic and foreign large hydropower generating units in the process of serious impact on the unit safety and reliability of the runner "crack" problem, recently, our company specifically sent a fine will be on-site testing and research, and achieved initial results.

In the past, large-scale hydropower station at home and abroad in the operation of the process often occur in the case of runner crack events, in recent years more frequent, seriously affecting the safety and reliability of the unit, as plagued domestic and foreign Francis Turbine manufacturers and utilities a major Difficult Problems. However, due to the accumulation of research in this area is relatively shallow, foreign rare system reports, therefore, the rotation of the crack prevention and management, has become a domestic and foreign manufacturers of water turbine manufacturing and application of a focus.

The reliability of large-scale Francis turbine runner is one of the key issues in the design and manufacture of Francis turbine. Therefore, the study of blade crack mechanism and preventive measures has become an important technical problem that must be solved in the design and manufacture of the runner. As one of the representative domestic and foreign manufacturers of hydraulic turbine, the company last year sent a strong force, the Dachaoshan power station for a period of three months of the wheel dynamic stress test, the wheel in the variable speed, variable voltage, change Load, load rejection and cylinder valve closed water and other operating conditions under different static and dynamic stress for a large number of tests. Through the test, understand and master the wheel dynamic stress size and distribution law, made a lot of first-hand data. At the same time, in order to further carry out large-scale runner reliability and anti-crack research, provides a valuable technical information and scientific basis.

Dajingshan power station real machine test success, marking the Dongfang motor in the real motor dynamic test technology has made the industry leading edge in the large-scale Francis turbine runner design and manufacturing reached the world advanced level.

Most importantly, the results of the study, but also for the next step in the Three Gorges right bank large-scale Francis Turbine units and other large units laid a rare technical foundation.