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Structure Of Francis Turbine
Jul 21, 2017

The flow of the Francis turbine flows horizontally from the turbine to the center into the runner (radially in) and then to the downward direction. The water flows into the runner to push the wheel in the direction of the axis through the vane, Leaves also push the wheel. That is, the flow of water in the radial and axial through the leaves are doing work, it is called mixed-flow turbine, also known as the amplitude of axial flow turbine.

Francis turbine is a kind of counterattack turbine, invented by American engineer Francis in 1849, also known as Francis turbine.

Francis turbine is a compact, highly efficient, able to adapt to a wide range of head, is currently widely used in the world one of the types of turbines.

The main components of the Francis turbine include volute, seat ring, water guide, roof, wheel, spindle, guide bearing, bottom ring, tail pipe, see Figure (in order to make the picture clear and simple, the figure omitted the seat ring) The The light blue arrows in the figure indicate the flow of water through the turbine, the water enters the turbine from the entrance of the volute, passes through the guide vanes to the center of the circulation into the runner, and drives the runner to rotate and then discharged from the lower draft tube.

The Francis turbine is suitable for use in a range from 20 m to 700 m, with a simple mechanism, stable operation, and high efficiency, but it is generally used in the middle head (50 m to 400 m). Stand out from tens of kilowatts to hundreds of thousands of kilowatts. At present, the maximum output of this turbine has been 1 million kilowatts.

Figure 8 is the core part of the structure of the turbine structure diagram, the wheel through the guide bearing installed in the turbine under the cover, under the bottom of the wheel with a tail pipe, the wheel can be free to rotate in the guide bearing Below the shaft seal device to prevent the water along the shaft to the top of the cover; wheel and the top of the gap between the cap is very small, in the runner under the ring and the bottom ring gap is also small, to ensure that the wheel free rotation But also to prevent leakage of water turbine efficiency.

Between the top cover and the bottom ring and the installation guide vane, the guide vane shaft is connected to the water guiding control mechanism through the top cover, and the control ring is installed above the top cover to form the water guiding control mechanism together with the relay.