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Optimization Of Structural Design Of Francis Turbine Runner
Sep 26, 2017

First, improve the runner just, strength, reduce the blade linear stress and local maximum stress. Francis Turbine should have enough just, strength, leaf blade linear stress should be controlled at 100-80MPa, local maximum stress should be less than 150MPa. Leaf edge of the water and the crown junction is a high stress area, should be appropriate to increase the diameter of the arc section to improve the stress situation. The second is to calculate the frequency of the waterfront and the frequency of the various parts of the natural frequency, so that it does not produce resonance. Three is appropriate to control the number of leaves. There is no direct relationship between the number and stability of the runner blades, but the effect is obvious under certain conditions, such as frequency leaf stress. Four is to optimize the wheel stop ring and discharge cone. The runner, the bottom of the ring does not use the heat jacket or set, should be directly on the crown and the next ring on the mother out of the car, the discharge cone and the crown design into one, so that the overall integrity of the wheel. improve the quality of Francis Turbine manufacturing

The quality of the Francis Turbine is an important guarantee for the stable operation of the Francis Turbine. Improve the quality of Francis Turbine manufacturing should be from the material, casting process, the blade processing technology, the wheel group welding process, the wheel factory acceptance and other aspects to strengthen control. The crown of the Francis Turbine runner, the blade and the lower ring should be made of stainless steel; can effectively solve the problem of dissimilar steel welding; casting VOD vacuum deoxidation should be used to ensure the quality of the casting; leaves should be used to control the five-axis CNC milling to ensure that leaf type and Blade thickness. The difference between the heaviest and the lightest leaf weight should be controlled within 5%; the second is the thickness and shape of the leaf's water; the third is the thickness of the leaves and the thickness of the leaves; Is the residual stress of the runner, the maximum residual stress should be controlled within 1/2 of the yield strength.