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Hydraulic Design Of Pelton Turbine
May 25, 2017

The Pelton Turbine is to use a special water guide mechanism to lead the kinetic energy of the free jet, rushed to the wheel bucket, the runner rotation work, thus completing the water can be converted into mechanical energy of a hydraulic prime mover. In the Pelton Turbine, the working jet and the relative position of the wheel and the number of work can be divided into cut-type turbine, ramps turbine and double-click turbine. Among them, the cut-off turbine working jet centerline and runner pitch round tangent, hence the name cut-type turbine. The rotor blades are composed of a series of double-bowl-shaped water bucket composition, it is also known as bucket-type turbine.

Cut-off turbines are the most widely used models for impact turbines. The application of the head is generally 300-2000m, the current maximum application of the head has reached 1771.3m (Australia's Lecce - Keluo Zecke hydraulic storage power station, the output of the turbine P = 22.8MW).

Hydraulic design of Pelton Turbine

This chapter provides a classic analysis of the flow in the turbo runner, as mentioned in the examples of laboratory measurements, including the discussion of possible uncertainties in the flow within the bucket in modern CFD analysis.

Pelton Turbine is an ideal model for medium and high head. It has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, high efficiency area, good anti-cavitation and sedimentation performance, and wide application range. Kind of development and high water resources in the head of the excellent models. This paper introduces the application of the head of the bucket-type turbine and the optimal rational choice of the relationship between the diameter of the runner and the nozzle diameter and the number of nozzles and the number of nozzles. It can be very satisfactory and practical application So that it is more suitable for high head flow and high head flow larger flow of these two different application conditions, and to save power station investment, reduce the actual operation and management of the future difficulty and cost of the purpose.

Turbine design is usually closely linked to the company's confidentiality, so it is very difficult to innovate and collaborate on the geometry of a particular turbine between different scientific units. In the NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) hydraulic laboratory has a doctoral program, is committed to the design of several Pelton Turbine model, including the physical model, including all the measurement data, simulation, design concepts, design software will be made public. This paper will also provide a brief description of the test bench and method used in this project, based on empirical data, and use M melon Bs as a description of the geometric dimensions of the turbine. CFX (computer hydrodynamic software) and SPH (Smooth particle hydrodynamics) simulation, and the design and manufacture of each turbine associated with the project, are based on previous experience accumulated and knowledge on the basis of the first design of the turbine is based on the flow through the relative The speed of rotation is basically constant.