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How To Buy Energy-saving Cooling Tower Francis Turbine
Jul 01, 2017

Cooling tower cooling system is the cooling water from the cooling pump according to the system requirements to a specific water pressure, water flow to the cooling tower for heat exchange, so into the tower after the water and residual pressure, can be fully utilized. Complete the cooling tower to run the cooling water in accordance with a certain pressure, the flow through the Francis turbine, so that it can get the output power, and drive the fan cooling, completely eliminating the fan motor, 100% to eliminate the purpose of fan power.

In the installation of Francis Turbine, can retain the original cooling tower exterior structure, size does not change, Francis Turbine cooling tower cooling efficiency, wind speed, air-water ratio, noise than the original motor drive fan cooling tower has different degrees Of the improvement, a variety of technical indicators can meet the cooling tower design requirements.

The use of a Francis Turbine cooling tower system is less faulty, with a turbine instead of a motor, a gear unit and a drive section that can be used for a long time without trouble, for the use of units to save a lot of maintenance and replacement of the cooling tower motor and reducer Cost and manpower. Understand the cooling tower Francis Turbine technical knowledge, then how do we buy energy-saving cooling tower turbine? Guangdong Yingzhuo Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. Cooling Tower Turbine Ordering Information:

The user should prepare the following data before ordering the cooling tower mixed flow turbine:

Is the tower round or square?

Second, the installation of Francis Turbine kilograms of pressure?

Third, the pipe diameter?

Fourth, the actual power of the motor?

Fifth, the blade speed?

Six, the specific flow is how much?

And other information, customers only in the provision of data after we can for you to configure the quality of the cooling tower Francis Turbine.