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Francis Turbine Processing Quality Of Small Hydropower Station
Oct 12, 2017

ZZ600, ZZ560, ZZ587, HL365, HL123, HL702, HL638 and other models of the Francis Turbine runner of the Francis Turbine model runner model promulgated in our country in 1964 are still in service. These tractors are equivalent to the technical level of the 1930s to the 1940s, and their main performance indicators (unit flow rate Q11, unit speed n11 and model efficiency ηm are relatively low.

Some small hydropower station water Francis Turbine processing quality is poor, more defects, long repair unhealed, long-term disease operation, lack of output, safety and reliability is poor. Turbines are inefficient and uneconomical in low efficiency and often disease conditions.

2.1 more sediment on the river water Francis Turbine abrasion damage serious

According to incomplete statistics, China's small hydropower stations, about 1/3 of the turbine there are cavitation and sediment wear problems, some of the Francis Turbine overhaul interval of less than a year, water and water Francis Turbine inlet valve seriously leaking, and some even It is difficult to normally open, stop. Some turbine runner blades have serious cracks or breakage, can not guarantee safe operation.

2.2 Water Francis Turbine generator insulation aging, thrust bearing burner

Some small hydropower generators due to the operation of a long age, stator, rotor insulation has been seriously aging, easy to lead to ground failure, threatening the safe operation of the unit. Due to poor manufacturing or installation, hydro-generator thrust bearing low reliability, often lead to burner accident.

2.3 Francis Turbine and electrical equipment is not complete

Some small hydropower station Francis Turbine output power is greater than the rated capacity of the generator or main transformer, the formation of "big horse car", so that the design of hydropower station output is limited, power generation abnormal water phenomenon. And some hydropower station generator capacity is greater than the output of the Francis Turbine, the formation of "small horse pull cart", not only a waste of equipment capacity, but also increase the running loss. Therefore, the small hydropower station before the technical transformation, we must find out what problems exist, including the actual operation of the head, water, water, mechanical and electrical equipment, hydraulic structures and metal structure of the operation, etc., only thoroughly find out the problem , To be targeted to carry out technological transformation, to achieve real transformation of the results.