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Francis Turbine Excellent Machine
Jul 11, 2017

Francis turbine is an excellent model for the development of high water head hydraulic resources. The mixed flow unit produced by our company has the characteristics of compact structure and reasonable operation, convenient operation and maintenance, high efficiency, vertical and horizontal, and widely used for hydropower stations The After years of research and accumulation, as well as the continuous absorption of advanced technology at home and abroad, my company Francis turbine design and manufacturing has reached the domestic first-class level. Our company mixed flow unit for the head 10-300M, wheel diameter 0.25-4M, capacity 50-50000KW.

Overview of mixed-flow turbine works:

The water flow through the pressure pipe after opening the butterfly valve into the volute to form a closed circulation (the formation of circulation is to make the flow of the wheel, the runner in the direction of uniform force to achieve the purpose of stable operation of the unit), the guide leaves open, The flow of water into the runner and axially out of the runner (so called the Francis turbine), in this process by the interaction of water and Francis Turbine, water flow to the turbine, the Francis Turbine began to work. Francis Turbine driven DC excitation synchronous generator rotor rotation, according to the principle of electromagnetic induction (problem), in the three-phase stator winding will induce the AC potential, with external load after the output current.

Note: part of the electromagnetic induction closed circuit conductor in the magnetic field to do when the magnetic flux movement, the conductor to produce induced current, this phenomenon is called electromagnetic induction, the current is called the induced current.