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Energy Saving Principle Of Francis Turbine Cooling Tower
Jul 01, 2017

Francis turbine cooling tower is the use of turbine-driven cooling fan way to achieve water cooling and circulatory system to save the energy of the re-use, to eliminate the traditional cooling tower used to drive the cooling fan mode, so as to achieve the purpose of energy conservation. At the same time, due to the flow of the Francis turbine cooling tower there is no motor, the noise has also been greatly reduced. Industrial recycling water system energy-saving engineering technology construction is convenient, energy-saving effect is remarkable, the use of low noise, easy maintenance, less maintenance.

Cooling tower dedicated Francis Turbine technology is to enter the cooling tower in the water pipe to do a bypass, the original into the cooling tower water through the inlet pipe, valve and telescopic section, the horizontal axis into the turbine, driving the turbine work, Back to the original cloth water pipe, the original cloth water (or spray) effect unchanged. The turbine is installed at the original motor, and the main shaft of the Francis turbine is connected directly with the original coupling of the cooling tower, and the fan of the cooling tower is driven by the original drive shaft and reducer. Cancel the original motor, to save energy. Mixed flow turbine inlet pipe to increase the reverse inlet and outlet pipes, can achieve mixed flow turbine reverse.

In the industrial circulating water system, because the pump flow is surplus, or the circulating water from the high to the cooling tower cloth mouth difference is large, back into the cooling tower water also has a lot of energy, but has been wasted! Our goal is to effectively use the energy, both energy-saving emission reduction, but also make energy-saving transformation of considerable economic benefits.

1, circulating water

Circulating water is usually changed once a month, or the phenomenon of dirt must be replaced, replace the circulating water side, the concentration of water in the water to decide, while the hot water basin and cold water basin clean, hot water basin if dirt , Will affect the cooling efficiency.

2, Francis turbine maintenance

(1) Drive section - Regularly clean the inside once every year.

(2) bearing part - the annual replacement of oil two to three times, you can increase the mechanical life;

3, fan maintenance

The fan is subject to the maintenance requirements of the manufacturer.