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Common Faults And Treatment Of Pelton Turbine Operation
Jul 01, 2017

(A), crew speed

When the load is suddenly overloaded, the speed of the Pelton Turbine may increase by 20% to 40%, or even higher, since the guide vanes can not be turned off instantaneously. When the unit speed up to a certain value (the set value by the unit of inertia, generally set to 140% rated speed) above, the unit over-speed accident. As the speed increases, the centrifugal force of the rotating part of the unit increases sharply, causing the unit pendulum and vibration to increase significantly, and even cause the rotating part to collide with the fixed part. So should prevent the unit speed.

In order to prevent the occurrence of over-speed accidents, the current power plant is set to over-speed limiter, accident solenoid valve or accident oil pump, and install the main valve or rapid valve. Pelton Turbine These devices are automatically controlled by the unit accident protection circuit.

1. There is a phenomenon when the unit is overtaken

1) The unit noise increased significantly.

2) The load gauge of the generator indicates zero and the voltmeter indication is raised (overvoltage protection possible).

3) "hydraulic machinery accident" light word bright, over-speed protection action, the phenomenon of accident shutdown.

4) Tension limiter action, the main valve (or quick gate) of the Pelton Turbine is fully open. The red light is off (ie, the process is off). If the over-speed protection using the accident oil pump, the accident pump pump pump oil, close the water guide leaves.

2. Unit handling when the speed is over

1) through the phenomenon that the unit has been over-speed, should monitor the over-speed protection device can be normal action, Pelton Turbine if the speed protection refused to move or action is not normal, should be manually emergency shutdown, while closing the main valve (or fast gate).

2) If the unit is too fast during the emergency stop process due to the cutting of the shear pin or the main valve, etc., the speed protection device should be operated manually even if the speed has not reached the setting value of the over-speed protection action. The aqueduct and the main valve are quickly closed. For the unit without the main valve of the Pelton Turbine, the inlet gate of the unit should be closed as soon as possible.