Mazihe HHP

Yunnan Mazihe the forth Hydropower plant got flow contained high sediment, the original turbine design (HL100-LJ-110) is unreasonable and the manufacturing quality is not so well, so that the erosion on Francis runner and other flow surface was very serious, the lower anti-wear stainless steel plate lap was worn through out, the leakage increased since the severe erosion on runner blade and other passage parts, operation goes in ineffective, which seriously affecting the normal operation, the overhaul is very frequent.

By using CFD dynamic flow simulation technology to analyze the working conditions, grasp the runner overall characteristics, Getai finally selected runner HLA542-LJ-120 by excellent hydraulic performance, an overall upgrades of the turbine distributor has been carried out either.

After the new turbine put into commission, the output increased from 8.334MW to 9.2MW, the turbine rated efficiency is not less than 90%, the highest efficiency can reach to 92.5%. The generating unit have no serious erosion damage after years of operation.