Kafang HHP

There are two horizontal turbines with single capacity 6300kW mounted in Ka Fang hydropower plant, the turbine model is HLJF2053D-WJ-82. The total capacity of both two units only reach to 11600kW due to the limitation of the water diversion system at the highest head and wicket gate full opening, the single capacity can reach 6300kW, there are cavitations appeared on the runner blade outlet side.

58 原转轮及转轮汽蚀情况.jpg

Getai took the renovation of generating unit 1# in 2016 by the upgrade model HLGT058b-WJ-82, the single unit capacity increased nearly 300kW only with a relatively reduced wicket gate opening and one runner replacement, the total capacity can reach to 11800kW by 200kW increase which bring more benefits to the plant.

59 新转轮.jpg