Dachunhe HHP

Dachunhe the first step hydropower plant is located on Nanda river in Xinping county, Yuxi city, an area at altitude 1105m, it is a runoff type plant equipped by Pelton turbine CJA870-L-185/2x11.5, capacity of 15MW. During two years operation there were serious cavitations happened on the bucket tips of 1# runner and emerged again 10 months later after repairing, a block of bucket even peeled off. 2# runner was damaged lighter than 1# but still suffered from serious cavitations, the problems caused an output decrease with big security risks in potential.

Getai started the renovation in 2011 with new model CJA475-L-185/2x11.5, the new runner casting was processed by VOD for anti-cavitations and anti-wear steel ZG06Cr16Ni5Mo, it is operated steadily without cavitations by two years and the unit vibration reduced either. This renovation brought a large profits to the plant owner and also released the heavy maintenance burden for the plant staffs.