CFD (Computer Fluid Dynamics) refers to the interdisciplinary combination of fluid mechanics and numerical method, describing flow, heat transfer and transfer value to be solved by computer numerical method, it includes the calculation of heat transfer (CHT) a branch of CAE. Getai oversea subsidiary GESE Hydro Upgrades Inc. is established in Canada in 2015 on the basis of professional CFD simulation and other computer programs, dedicates to provide more accurate and rapid scientific analysis during the renovation of hydro power plant. GESE can choose the most suitable model to replace the original runner after CFD analysis so as to achieve higher efficiency and output. In order to highlight the analysis effect, the flow analysis before and after renovation is calculated base on the original flow passage and runner to present a comparison result, it also checks the new runner adaptation and finds the potential problems after renovation in advance, provides a theoretical basis.


Distributor middle elevation flow field simulation (left close to the peak efficiency, the right  partial load).jpg

Flow simulation of Francis Runner (left near peak efficiency, right side partial load).jpg

42 Draft tube flow simulation (left near peak efficiency, right side partial load).jpg

43 4 Flow simulation of Pelton runner.jpg

44 Flow simulation of Pelton runner.jpg