Cangpinghe HHP

Cang Pinghe HPP, Hou Zibao HPP and Jiu Chonghe HPP all are located in Xingshan county, Hubei province, the power plants operated many years with unit aging problems appeared as low efficiency and poor operational stability, a call of power station renovation got in hurry. 

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Getai started the upgrades of all the three plants in name of Xingfa group in 2015, the original model of Cang Pinghe HPP is HL126-WJ-71, HL100-WJ-71 which upgraded to the new model HLA550-WJ-71, HL100-WJ-71, Hou Zibao HPP runner model HL126-WJ-71 upgraded to HLA550-WJ-71, Jiu Chonghe the original runner CJ22-W-116/1x13.5 got upgrades to CJGT003-W-116/1x13.5. The operation stability, capacity and efficiency are all increased with plant owner’s approval.

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